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This server costs me an enormous amount of money to run!


As well as the very large number of hours I have spent, and still spend, coding and world building, and looking after players, plus the costs of the server and elecricity to run it, we also have a 100 megabit fibre leased line which connects the server here in my home office to the internet backbone in the London docklands. This leased lline costs me nearly £450 each and every month! (nearly $600 per month at current exchange rates).


We obviously need donations to help finance this project.  Rather than just take your donations for no further reward than playing this game which we all love, I feel that players should be rewarded for their donation. I therefore give you special purple donation coins which you can spend on our donation vendor located in Lord British's throne room. Click on Home and then Donate to see the current purchase prices and options.


The items you can buy are almost all available in-game or as items you can buy with Platinum coins. Donating, however, means that you can obtain these items quickly. One of the favourites is our Mythic Character Token which should be thought of as a "quick start" token. After creating a new character this allows you to choose your stats up to the max allowed, and 5 skills which will be boosted to 90 in each of those 5 skills. So you can craft or get into the action immediately.

Donation coins can buy you the following items which are almost all also available to buy using in-game Platinum coins:

These are the items/prices as of January 2019


List of current donation items


last updated: 2019/01/22