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The Skill Cap here is 100 per skill. We have no power scrolls.

The Total Skills Cap is 700, however this increases after 3 years to 705, then 710 and finally 720.


We also have several items that can be obtained from quests, BODs or purchased for platinum and donation coins which will give a boost to a skill without increasing your actual base skill.


At the time of writing these are:


Tamer's Heart Amulet: +10 to Taming and Animal Lore - requires 100 Taming

Gloves of Mining: +1, +3, +5 or +10 to Mining

Gloves of Blacksmithing: +10 to Blacksmithing - requires 100 Blacksmithing

Carpenter's Gloves: +10 to Carpentry and Tinkering - Requires 100 Carpentry

Gloves of Fletching: +10 to Fletching - Requires 100 Fletching

Cotton Gloves of Tailoring: +10  to Tailoring - Requires 100 Tailoring

Alchemist's Rubber Gloves: +10 to Alchemy - Requires 100 Alchemy

Scribe's Glasses: +10 to Inscription - Requires 100 Inscription

Earrings of Harmony: +10 to Provocation, Peacemaking and Discord - Requires 100 Musicianship

Burglar's Bandana: +10 to Stealing, Stealth and Snooping

Sneaking Boots: +10 to Hiding, Stealth and Detect Hidden - Requires 100 Hiding



Pease see the skill guides on our forums  here  for information about training individual skills



last updated: 2017/10/27