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We have many unique creatures, pets and features. For example skinning many creatures gives a chance of dropping leather in their skin colour. Some of these are very common with a 100% chance of obtaining that colour, whereas some are extremely rare, like the ethereal semi-transparent hue of the Shadow Wyrm is the rarest, followed by the ice or fire hues of Ice and Fire Wyrms, then the white hue of a white wyrm (1150 for "dirty" wyrm, 1153 for pure white wyrm).  Normally the Shadow Wyrm drops one of two hues of charcoal barbed leather but other creatures may drop leather in the type's default hue. eg. green for barbed leather, red for horned, blue for spined. Dragons will drop either red or brown barbed leather according to their hue.


Most pets are tamable at the usual UO levels. However we have several "advanced" pets which require taming skill > 100. As 100 is the maximum you can train this skill to, a quest needs to be completed to acquire the Tamer's Heart Amulet. This is a necklace which raises your skill in Animal Taming and Animal Lore to 110 but can only be worn by a GM tamer. This also increases your control slots by one to a maximum of 8 total for a GM tamer. Visit an Animal Trainer and say "pets" to get your increased control and stable slots (max 30) as your skill increases. The quest is available by the Skara Stable just North of the bank. You will be instructed to gather a full set of Paragon leather male amour which has a chance to drop from Paragon creatures with hit points over 2500 while a Paragon. This means scorpions at the lower level. The amulet can be further enhanced to +20 skill using an Enhancement Gem. This allows you to tame the top tier pets like the Stygian Dragon Pet and the T-Rex Pet.


Paragon creatures: Any mid to high level creature has a chance to spawn as a paragon. Paragon creatures cannot be tamed. These are hued gold and have a gold name so they are easy to spot. They also show up like this in tracking. They get increased aggression, hit points, stats, fame and gold so they are significantly harder to kill than the regular creature. A paragon lich is a formidable oponent and a paragon named lich (ancient lich) is very tough indeed and might even one-shot you! Note that a paragon creature will never run away from you, they will keep hitting you until your last breath! They have a small chance of dropping a highly desirable coloured treasure chest appropriate to the monster's level. There is also a very small chance of an artifact drop. Boss/Champion monsters cannot become paragons. The can drop a gold leather armour piece for use by the Tamer's Heart Amulet quest so collect all male armour pieces for this.


Starting at the top of the food chain:


Stygian dragon pet:  These are not quite as powerful as the untamable stygian dragons found in their Abyssal lair, but they are a formidible opponent and incredibly dangerous to tame with the possibility of over 6000 hit points and 145 magery and wrestling. The creature must be beaten into submission before you can attempt to tame it. However, when trained, this is the most deadly pet in the game. Consequently it requires 8 control slots!  They can spawn in their natural colour or in a variety of special hues including silver and black. Because these guys are so huge, they can sometimes get in the way, so they will accept a voice command to shrink them to their drake counterpart size when needed. "<name> small" or "<name> large" will make this change which persists until you command them to change again, even if stabling or shrinking them to a statuette.


T-Rex and T-Rex pet:  The T-Rex pet is a slightly toned down version of the normal T-Rex. They have no magic ability but have superb melee skills and are incredibly fast, almost but not quite keeping up with a mounted player. The normal T-Rex has a nasty ice-cracking ability which causes the ice to crack near it. Should you tread on these cracks you will freeze to them and the T-Rex may turn its attention to you instead of its current target. The T-Rex pet also cracks the ice but this will simply cause damage to any wild creature that walks on it. Players and tames are unaffected. The T-Rex is the only pet that can keep up with you at full gallop making it extremely useful and dangerous. The pet has a maximum of 6000 hit points.


Greater dragon: These spawn in different hues at different locations. In Destard one spawns in the regular hue. At other secret locations they spawn in Sand, White, Black, Red, Green and Blue hues. Normally these are light coloured but 1:4 chance of a vivid darker hue. Greater dragons are a challenge to tame but are the epitomy of a tank and potentially have very high skills. Up to 130 after taming (They drop to 80% of stats on tame, and 75% of skills re-trainable to 90% if you did not paralyse the creature) and up to 1760 hit points so they make a super tank. Their high strength, wrestling and magery means that they also do a lot of damage although these creatures are not fast. They take 4 control slots so with the tamers heart amulet extra slot is is possible to control two of these creatures if on foot or using a summonable reward mount.


Fire and Ice Wyrms. These spawn in blaze and ice blue hues. Skills can be as high as 130 after taming and up to 800 hit points. These creatures have a hot or cold damaging aura until tamed. 3 control slots. At high magic levels they are capable of casting heal on themselves. In pairs these make a powerful weapon.


Ancient Silver Steed and Dark Steed mounts. These have skills and stats a little higher than a regular White Wyrm with maximum skills after taming of up to 120. 3 control slots. At high magic levels they are cablable of casting heal on themselves. A superb method of instant protection or death dealing. Up to 750 hit points and 120 magery. Minimum tame skill 105.1 Ancient Silvers are non agressive to blue players when wild.


Toxic Dragon has a poison aura until tamed. It has poisoning skill of the Deadly level and is poison immune itself. Useful for dealing with poison or acid elementals. Max 825 hit points. 2 control slots. 101.0 skill to tame.


Cu-Sidhe are only tamable by elves. You can become an elf by drinking an elf transformation potion which is craftable. A human can ride a Cu-Sidhe if they wear "pads of the cu-sidhe" boots. The Cu-Sidhe is quite a tough fighter, perhaps around the strength of a nightmare. They can heal themselves and, allegedly, their owner.  Found in Twisted Weald, Ilshenar facet.


Unicorns are poison immune and will cure you of poison at a particular health level. Found in the Lost Lands of T2A these pretty mounts are not very strong individually but utilise the equine pack instinct and you can control up to four unicorns at once...  There are some Ancient Unicorns from special events which are more powerful version of the normal unicorn.


There are also evolving pets called Korpre which you can tame in Doom dungeon with just 80 skill. They all start life looking the same - a silver slime - but as they gain XP from fighting monsters, they evolve into one of four creature paths; daemon, spider, titan or horde demon. Although very weak as a slime-like creature they will become a superb tank at full maturity with specific skill sets. Daemon=magic, Spider=poison, Titan=magic, Horde demon=heal. They all get 3000 hit points max except the titan which has 5000. It is said that Korpre of the same type and opposite sex can be pursuaded to mate and lay an egg which will hatch into a bonded Korpre. I have yet to see this happen...  A 5th Korpre type was added around Valentine's day 2018 which is the reward for the Golden Dragon quest.  Check on their hit points but using the [KPKorpre command and targetting your pet. Evolution happens at 50k, 100k and 250k experience points.  3 control slots although early pets take only 2 control slots.


Elven Steed: A white pack horse which is tough having 2500 hit points but not a killing machine, similar to a beetle pack creature. Useful for protecting a miner or lumberjack.


Apart from these pets there are occasionally "one-of-a-kind" creatures introduced at special events some of which may be tamable.


Pet SKill Slots Hits STR DEX INT AF Wrestle Tactics Magery EvalInt Meditate Resist Healing Anatomy Poison
Ancient Silver Steed 105.1 3 433-455 832-760 110-150 386-425 65 100-135 100-135.0 100-135 100-135 0/100 100 - 0 -
Ancient Unicorn 108.1 3 1010-1275 840-860 110-150 386-425 70 100.1-110.5 100.1-110.5 100.1-120.0 100.1-120.0 100.1-105.0 100 100.1-110.5 0 -
Dark Steed 105.1 3 555-650 600-650 100-150 386-425 60 100-135.0 100-135.0 100-135.0 100-135.0 0/100 100 - 0 -
Dark Wyrm 96.3 3 433-456 721-760 101-130 386-425 64 90.1-100.0 97.6-100.0 99.1-100.0 99.1-100.0 0/100 99.1-100.0 - 0 -
Elven Steed 106.0 2 2500 300 500 500 35 100.0 100.0 - - - 100.0 - 0 -
Fire Wyrm 105.0 3 450-485 751-780 105-140 399-450 64 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 0/100 99.1-100.0 - 0 -
Ice Wyrm 105.0 3 450-485 751-780 105-140 399-450 64 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 100.1-145.0 0/100 99.1-100.0 - 0 -
Great Ape Pet 110.1 8 6000-7500 986-1185 350-480 350-450 80 139.4-150.2 139.9-150.1 - - - 112.9-126.8 82/100 0/120.0 -
Stygian Dragon Pet 110.1 8 5000-6500 1096-1185 239-345 676-775 77 139.4-150.2 139.9-150.1 139.4-150.2 139.4-150.2 0/100 112.9-126.8 - 140.3-150.5 - Stam
Toxic Dragon 101.0 2 478-495 796-825 86-105 436-475 68 95.1-117.0 97.6-117.0 30.1-75.0/100 30.1-75.0/100 0/100 99.1/100.0 - 0/100 80.1/100.0
T-Rex / Najasaurus 110.1 8 5000-6000 500-700 500-700 100-180 82 130.0-150.0 130.0-150.0 - - - 140.0-150.0 86.0 / 100 130.0 90.0-100.0
Parry 100
Triceratops 110.1 8 5000-6000 500-700 500-700 100-180 82 130.0-150.0 130.0-150.0 - - - 140.0-150.0 86.0 / 100 130.0 90.0-100.0



last updated: 2019/09/08